Incredible journey of a girl who never gave up

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Story of Ashwini (Name changed)

Ashwini was paralyzed from hip to bottom and had to undergo physical therapy for a long time. The doctor told her parents that she would never be able to walk again. Ashwini’s mother carried her in her arms to the bath-tub for daily hot water baths. Ashwini knew that she was not like other kids who would proudly call themselves “abled” and this thought made her feel shy and angry.

Being carried by someone else everyday just so that she could reach her classroom on the upper floor would have made her deter from pursuing studies further. But she was not willing to give up that easily and continued to complete her education.

Ashwini recalls getting the polio vaccine in about 6th grade when her mother initially resisted, scared that it would cause her daughter to be diagnosed with polio again. The doctor assured her that it would help prevent a different strain of the virus. She vividly remembers that the vaccine was administered to her orally on a sugar cube.

Thanks to her brother, who never left her side, always provided her support and carried her all the way to the training centre, Ashwini now currently supervises an entire team in an NGO. She is currently pursuing her degree through distant education. She enjoys doing handicraft work and designing artificial jewelleries and also spares time in her busy schedule for exploring new designs.

She has found this new life in the NGO, where she is currently working as a supervisor. She takes out time to improve her English vocabulary and is very passionate about completing her work assignments. Her favourite food items include noodles and lemon rice.


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