A story of special girl who made wonders with papers

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Artisans behind our products

Rekha, a intellectually disabled artisan, assists in the product of paper bags. “Even when I am not here, I will know she will do the tasks with ease as she is extremely responsible, says her trainer. We get to see a glimpse of smile on her face, as she slowly finishes her set of paper- mache bowls. “She is one of the most dedicated and passionate people in the organization. Besides she is very friendly and compassionate.” Adds her trainer.

Rekha, a mild mentally-challenged young adult makes around four to five quitinals of paper bags daily. Her life has changed immensely since she joined the organization. She is an endearing remaindering of how each one of them is special and is capable of so much more. All they need is support and that belief in her, which is at the bottom of the heart. Every activity she engages gears her up for enhancing various skills.

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